2019 Senior Tournament

Below are the rules for this years Senior Tournament. Please click here for a printable registration form.


  1. Eligibility. Participation is open to all members of United States Bowling Congress (“USBC”) and Southern New Hampshire USBC as a regular or substitute bowler on any league (male or female), and is at least 50 years or older as of October 28, 2019. An Entrant need not bowl in a senior league to be eligible.

  2. Entry Fee. $10.00 per bowler. (Prize Fund $9.00, Expense Fee $1.00.) Make checks payable to “Southern New Hampshire USBC” or “SNHUSBC”. Payment and Registration form must be mailed or hand delivered to Hillary Elefson, 161 Sewall St Manchester NH 03103 and must be received/postmarked on or before October 28, 2019.

  3. Tournament will be a singles, six-game total event. Entrants will bowl during their scheduled day/night league and use his/her league scores for two weeks between October 28, 2019 and December 8, 2019 as his/her tournament scores. The six games must be bowled through the same league. The Entrant must indicate which two of the six weeks will be used for his/her tournament scores prior to bowling. In the event that an Entrant is absent for one of the scheduled weeks, he/she may use another week during the tournament dates, provided that notification is given to the Tournament Director, Hillary Elefson. However, no one will be permitted to make up any games after December 8, 2019. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to obtain the signature of the League Secretary verifying his/her scores on the date the games are bowled. The Entrant is then responsible to return to the Tournament Director the completed score sheet within one week of completing the six games. All completed score sheets must be received by December 15, 2019 to qualify.

  4. Each Entrant shall use his/her highest previous season average of at least 21 games. If the Entrant has no previous winter season average, he/she may use his/her summer average of at least 21 games. If the Entrant did not bowl over the summer, he/she may use his/her highest average in the current league as of October 28, 2019, provided he/she has bowled 15 games. If an Entrant has no book average, summer average or current average of at least 15 games, he/she will then bowl SCRATCH.

  5. Tournament will be handicapped. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between the Entrant’s average and 235. Prizes will be distributed based on the number of entries. Prize ratio will be 1 out of 5. The first-place male and female winner will also each receive a paid entry into the State of New Hampshire Seniors Tournament for 2020.

  6. An Entrant is allowed to participate in the Tournament more than once provided that he/she pays a separate entry fee and a different league score is used (e.g. if an Entrant bowls on Sunday and Tuesday, he/she may elect to enter once or twice, if he/she so chooses). If the Entrant only bowls in one league, he/she may only enter once. An Entrant may only place once on the prize list.

  7. The Entrant hereby agrees that Southern New Hampshire USBC and/or its agents shall be liable only to the extent of returning an entry fee(s) if and when an Entrant shall be prevented from bowling in the tournament through delay, unexpected yet necessary changes or permanent termination of the tournament which may be brought about by war, national emergency or emergencies or causes relating thereto or resulting fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties or other situations beyond the control of Southern New Hampshire USBC.

All decisions of the tournament management are final unless an appeal is made.