Rules and Registration

Below are the rules for this years annual tournament. Click Here for a printable registration form. Please mail entries with payment to the address at the bottom of the form to reserve your squad time. The squad times are as follows:

Date Squad A Squad B
Nov. 9th 1A. 12:30 P.M. 1B. 3:30 PM
Nov. 10th 2A. 10 A.M. 2B. 1 P.M.
Nov. 16th 3A. 12:30 P.M. 3B. 3:30 PM
Nov. 17th 4A. 10 A.M. 4B. 1 P.M.



1. Entry into the tournament will be open to all sanctioned members of Southern New Hampshire USBC. Every participant must be a current member and in good standing with USBC. If an entrant paid national certification through another association and verification from USBC cannot be obtained, entrant is responsible to provide written documentation of paid certification from that association.

  1. The Tournament shall consist of two divisions (Open (mixed gender) and Women’s Only) and shall consist of a four- person Team Event, Doubles and Singles Event and All Events, which is optional. Three consecutive games shall be bowled in each event and total pins bowled will count toward each series. The total of nine games bowled shall determine the All Events winner.

  2. Female bowlers may elect to compete in the Women’s Only division in either the Team, Doubles and/or Singles or all three events. Female bowlers may also elect to compete in the Open division or a combination of the two divisions. However, to qualify for All Events, an entrant must bowl all nine games in the same division and designate on the entry form which division counts toward All Events. In order to participate in the Women’s Only division, the entry form must indicate accordingly. Otherwise, the entry will be registered in the Open division. In the event there are not at least four teams registered for the Women’s Only division as of November 4, 2019, there will be no Women’s Only team event. However, Doubles and/or singles squads may still be held in the Women’s Division provided that there are at least five female entries for doubles (10 bowlers) and/or at least ten entries for singles. Prize Fund would then be prorated to a 1-5 payout and All Events will not apply. If there are not enough female entries for any event, entrants will be given the option to compete in the Open division. Team Captains will be notified and a refund of any entry fees will be offered to any team registered for the Women’s Only division that do not want to compete in the Open division. Same is applicable to Doubles and/or Singles.

  3. Entrants must use their highest league average from any USBC certified league from the previous winter season of at least 21 games. If an entrant has no previous winter season average, he/she may use their highest 2019 summer average of at least 21 games. If none of the above applies, an Entrant may use his/her highest current league average of at least 21 games as of November 1, 2019 with documented verification from the league secretary. An Entrant not meeting any of the above criteria will bowl scratch. An entrant must use his/her highest USBC sanctioned average regardless of whether bowled as a regular member or substitute and/or if a bowler bowls in another association. If a bowler is using an average from another association other than SNHUSBC, written average verification of average must be submitted with the entry form. If a bowler’s current average of at least 21 games is ten (10) pins or higher than last year’s average as of November 1, 2019, he/she must disclose said average and enter with the higher average.

  4. Advanced registration opens October 10, 2019 and closes November 4, 2019. Walk-in registrations will be accepted up to 30 minutes prior to squad time pending lane availability. Re-entries will be accepted up to 30 minutes prior to squad time pending lane availability.

  5. Tournament shall consist of scratch and handicap winners with the prize money being split 5050 in each event. Scratch prevails. Individuals may place in either scratch or handicap, but not in both for the same event. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between the bowler’s highest average and 240. Prizes will be distributed on the number of entries. The $1000 guaranteed contribution by SNHUSBC will be divided between the two divisions of the team event on a pro-rated basis or as otherwise deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

  6. Entry fee for the Tournament will be $30.00 per bowler per event. (Team, Doubles and/or Singles). All Events shall be $10.00 per bowler and is optional. Total entry fee with All Events is $100.00 per bowler. Lineage: $10.50; Prize Fund: $17.50; Expense Fee: $2.00; All Events: $10.00 (optional). No refunds will be issued for any event not bowled except for as described in paragraph #3.

  7. Multiple entries and re-entries will be allowed in the Team, Doubles and Singles events only. All Events scores will be determined from the first event bowled in the same division. Not more than two players on one team may place more than once in the prize list for position standings. In no case, shall the same doubles pair or singles entrant be permitted to place more than once in the prize list for position standings.

  8. Substitutes are allowed when a replacement is necessary. The Tournament director must be notified of substitutes at least one hour before the scheduled bowling time, if possible. In the event of an emergency after a game has started, a substitute, if one is available, shall be permitted to bowl in the Team and Doubles events only. The combined scores are to count in either of these events. If no substitute is available, only the actual score of the frames bowled shall count.

  9. A substitute will not be required to reimburse the original entrant with the entry fee paid, nor shall the substitute be expected to give the original entrant any prize money he/she may be entitled to.

  10. The lineup shall be the same as shown on the entry form.

  11. Entries will be scheduled according to request, if possible, and in the order received. The schedule will not be changed by the Tournament director except for an emergency. Lanes will be assigned by the Tournament director for each event. Each event will be bowled on a different pair of lanes and, if possible, no duplication of lanes (for re-entries) will be assigned. Oiling of the lanes is at the discretion of the bowling center and, if possible, fresh oil will be applied on the start of each day. SNHUSBC does not make any guarantee of oil conditions at any given squad.

  12. A bowler will be allowed to bowl in either the doubles and/or singles event(s) on separate dates and times provided that the entrant so indicates his/her intent on the registration form and indicates which dates and times he/she intends to bowl for each such event. If a bowler fails to indicate his/her intent to bowl the doubles and/or singles event on separate dates, it will be assumed that the bowler intends to bowl the six-game series for doubles and singles events consecutively on the date indicated on the registration form.

  13. If one bowler is late for the Doubles event, the entrant present may bowl his/her Singles event first. If his/her partner has not arrived by the time the Singles event is finished, and a substitute is not available, he/she will be permitted to bowl his/her games in the Doubles event in order to qualify for All Events.

  14. The team captain must check in the entire team 30 minutes prior to the scheduled bowling time. All bowlers in the Doubles/Singles events must check in with the Tournament director 30 minutes prior to bowling time. No changes to registered squad times and/or dates will be allowed. Every effort will be made to ensure the timely start of all squads.

  15. Results will be posted and updated at the end of each weekend. All results shall be considered unofficial until such time as the period for any protest has expired. Final results will be available on the association’s website and at the bowling centers.

  16. Any protest affecting eligibility or general playing rules must be submitted in writing to the Tournament director on or before November 24, 2019. Errors in scoring must be reported to the Tournament director within 24 hours. Prize monies will be distributed on or about thirty (30) days from the close of the tournament.

  17. When ties for prize money occur, the prize money will be combined and divided equally among the tied position winners except in the event that the tie occurs for 1st place. In the event that a tie exists for 1st place, a three-game roll-off will be scheduled within 30 days to determine the 1st place winner.

  18. Prize money paid into each event will be returned to the winners in that event only. Prizes will be paid with at least one prize for each five entries in Team event, one prize for each ten entries in Doubles, Singles and All Events. Except for as described in paragraph #3.

  19. No bowler shall leave the playing area without first contacting a SNHUSBC Board Member. No spectators will be allowed in the settee area.

  20. The Board of Directors of Southern New Hampshire USBC shall decide any question not covered by these Tournament rules.

  21. Entrants or authorized replacements hereby agree that Southern New Hampshire USBC, its officers and agents, shall be liable only to the extent of returning entry fees if and when the entrants shall be prevented from bowling in any event in the Tournament through delay, unexpected yet necessary schedule change, or premature termination of the Tournament, which may be brought about by war, emergency or emergencies of causes relating thereto or resulting thereof from fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties, power outages or any other cause beyond the control of Southern New Hampshire USBC.

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